Our Story

How it all began

Our journey began with a dream to move back to our family farm.  Taking Nathan’s lifetime of homebrewing experience and culinary training and coupling it with Gwyn’s business experience and a shared love of growing things, we embarked on renovating an old farm building into a state of the art brew house and tasting room.

Just before the wildfires of 2018 broke out. After a long struggle involving evacuations, injured contractors, and bureaucratic red tape, we finally opened our doors in June of 2020. Our vision has always been to create flavours in our beer that reflect our local area and culture.

Our desire is for our farm to integrate with our brewery in a permaculture system where our crops contribute to our beer and our brewery contribute to our farm. We accomplish this by adding farm grown, locally sourced, and wild crafted botanicals to our brew.  So far raspberries, rhubarb, haskap, and juniper are big hits.  Cottonwood buds not so much!

Our farm animals dine on spent grains from the brewing process.  The hops and yeast slurry are composted for the garden. Our goal is to be a substantial part of our local community where neighbours meet and visitors come for the first time but not the last.

Brewery Nathan smiling in front of display


Nathan has created 15 different beer styles since the start of our brewery in 2020!  As well he has been perfecting a tasty rhubarb soda, BBQ sauce, bacon jam, and spicy chili sauce for those who come to visit!! He brings his love of combining flavours from our landscape into the brewery and kitchen!

Farm - Image of Gwyn for her story


Gwyn is delighted to be in the garden. Her next project is a small orchard. As well as her work in the brewery,  she delights in learning more about plants and what they offer.

Molly image


Molly joins us on the farm on summer break. She is invaluable as a host at the brewery. She has a love of our farm animals and takes the best photos of them!

Mandy's photo


We are delighted to have a unique collaboration with our daughter who is the creative force behind our labels and logo.  She has been working with her dad since she was a teenager on the designs for his beer styles.  After a life changing bout of bone cancer changed her plans to build a tiny house and travel after graduation, she adapted her dreams into creating a small art studio on our farm with the help of the Children’s Wish Foundation of BC.  One the gifts was a stylus where she could put her creations into data.  In no time, she was able to create the same images on her computer.   Her style combines humour, drama, and a love of animals and of nature.  She puts such special care into each label she creates